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Translocal is unique in that we offer full service Chinese translation and interpretation services. All of our translators have sector-specific experience and always translate at the highest levels, so we are able to offer pricing that is not just industry-competitive, but that is truly guaranteed to be the best quality for your financial investment.

1. Translation

This includes document translation from a wide range of industries, but also includes ‘website localisation’. As we are able to translate your site from the source code, we can help you transform your page into a truly World Wide Website helping you to expand your audience. Our range of talented and experienced translators make most jobs possible. The turnaround time from receiving the text to having it back in your hands is roughly 2,000 words per day, but accommodations can be made at an extra fee for orders that are immediate in nature. We are also able to handle French, German, Dutch, Spanish, Italian, Portugues, Japanese, Korean, Thai, Vietnamese and Indonesian translations. We also ensure client confidentiality and are committed to being uncompromisingly ethical and professional in all of our relationships.

2. Interpretation

Translocal is communication, not just translation, therefore our highly trained team includes interpreters who are at your disposal. We provide both consecutive and simultaneous interpreting services and have specialists on hand to discuss which option will be best for your project.

During consecutive interpretation, the speaker pauses after every few sentences to allow time for the interpreter to translate the speaker’s remarks into the other language. Consecutive interpretation is commonly used for tours, informal meetings, trade shows, business negotiations, or business-social gatherings. The advantages of consecutive translation are cost-effectiveness and inherent built-in time for all involved to process what is being said, which can be essential when dealing with sensitive issues or complex communication that requires time to think.

During simultaneous interpretation, the speaker’s voice is translated at the same time they are speaking. The advantages of simultaneous interpretation are; the lack of interruptions, fidelity to the speaker’s effectiveness, congruency of flow and mood, and the efficient use of valuable and often limited meeting time. Simultaneous interpretation is exceedingly helpful in large meetings or meetings where several different languages are being spoken.

Languages: English to Mandarin, Mandarin to English

3. Type Setting – Need it printed?

Finding it hard to typeset in a different language? We can do that for you. You could even include it as part of your job; marketing material from translation to printing press.

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