At Translocal, our emphasis is on quality and customer satisfaction. We deliver best-in-class services each and every time to ensure complete customer satisfaction and repeat business. We also offer a 28-day warranty for our services so that you can feel confident about your decision to trust Translocal with your business communications.

Translation is a human-based process which cannot be done by technology alone. Though to provide the quality of our translations we are supported by cutting edge translation technology, our quality is a result of our dedication, skill and expertise. All jobs are proofread by another member of the team to ensure consistency is maintained and mistakes are not made. Our Chinese translators have at least three years’ experience of delivering professional language services. All of our linguists are experts in their field, which allows us to ensure that the integrity of your text is preserved.

Our client review process is integral to our approach. We will ensure that you are advised on the progress of your language project to the detail that you specify. Unlike other language companies, we do not use computer-generated standard reports nor do we ask that you learn how to access our systems. Rather, we will meet and discuss your individual requirements and fulfil them; whether you desire, for example, regular meetings, telephone calls, web-conferences or written reports that are designed to your company standards.

We also use advanced web-based translation memory and term base management, which enable our teams to share the same information and decisions about your language project. This helps to ensure quality, whilst lowering the cost and improves the time to complete your project.

We are so completely certain that you will be totally satisfied with our services that all of our translation and interpretation services come with a full money-back guarantee.

We have a number of high profile clients, including:

Aspinal of London
Topgear Media 

Monex Capital Markets
Lionbridge (a world leading translation agency that relies on our expertise in Chinese)

Translation Technology

We are distinguishable from other language service companies by using the most current, cutting-edge and advanced technologies to assist our skilled translators. This increases language consistency, helps us sustain advantageous pricing, whilst ensuring the highest levels of customer satisfaction.

Case Studies

First – Website Translation & Localisation

Air France is the French flag carrier or national airline headquartered in Tremblay-en-France. Under intense time pressures and a short time frame, they required the translation and localisation of part of their website into different languages. Translating through their content management system was particularly complex. This required systematic training for our translators as well as communicating to the client. Selecting seven of our Chinese translators and proof-readers as the core team based on their abilities and skills, we quickly started the mix of training and tackling the account systematically. The project manager identified the potential style issue, and created a style guide. Once agreed, this style guide was used to ensure consistency of meaning across all languages. Our team’s Proactive communication further ensured the client was delivered a market ready translation on schedule. Working in collaboration with Technicis, a global leading translation agency, we managed to finish around 250,000 words Chinese translation from their CMS. We are now taking care of the monthly update of some content of their website.

Second – Proofreading & Editing & Interpreting

Aspinal of London is the quintessential English luxury lifestyle brand specialising in luxury leather gifts, including women’s designer handbags and men’s wallets. As their Chinese customer base grows, they required their brand name, press release, marketing material and legal documents to be translated and proofread. We worked with Aspinal to provide interpreting services in their meetings with Chinese business partners and guests to help communicate the content of the meanings whilst maintaining their strong and distinct brand. Translocal was challenged to provide culture enriched, high quality translations and interpretations whilst meeting the tight deadline.
Translocal provided proofreading and editing services on all our translations for Aspinal which ensured documents were ready to go straight to the printers – allowing them to concentrate on the business development, organising a media event and report writing necessary. We also acted as consultants, providing information on Chinese business culture and the Chinese luxury goods market. Aspinal of London know they can rely on us in different tasks related to Chinese language and culture.

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