Why Legal Translation calls for Extra Measures?

Legal translation service

Legal translation service

In an era where virtual demarcations between countries have been erased with the flourish of international trade, translation services have become the wheels leveraging entities across the globe to engage in better and mutually profitable businesses.

A contract abiding by law is a pre-requisite in jumpstarting any business and one crucial legal issue that plagues global trade is that the trade reforms differ from one country to another. This is why hiring a professional who is not only fluent in both the concerned languages but also has an excellent understanding of the legal terminologies is a complete must as this difference in legal systems calls for not just a lexically correct translation but also a syntactically one.

For a business, obtaining legal assistance to fully comprehend the legal documentation before signing on the dotted line could make or break your deal. For fear of repetition but for want of the situation; the translator must have a strong legal background and hold an exceptional command over the language and every single comma and period has to be given importance. You cannot afford a “Let’s eat grandmother (Let’s eat, grandmother)” case here.

Individuals too might have to get their documents translated while immigrating to other countries. The basic birth certificate and identity cards are easy but documents pertaining to school or college education, letter of recommendations, etc are not only crucial but are capable of influencing the person’s future prospects.

In addition to the basic main concerns, the legal translator or the translation agency that you opt for must pledge confidentiality. A lot of times, the government or the police themselves could resort to getting inmate’s documents or their testimonies translated and the translator should not only accurately translate the content but should also swear to not breathe a word to a third party. In case of businesses too, it is better to keep your trade secrets to a minimum few and getting a contract signed by the translator pledging secrecy would put you at peace.
So, how does one choose the perfect legal translator? Good question, there a number of individuals and agencies who claim to be the best in the trade and some of them are really good but not good enough. Keeping their importance in mind, it becomes imperative to opt for one who satisfies all the criteria.

To begin with, the person should hail from the law background, a degree in law would add credibility to his claim. Sworn translators are certified by their country to befit the role and if you come across one, that’s half the job done as whatever translation the sworn translator would churn out would already be legally binding by law. And of course they must be adept at translation or else the government wouldn’t vouch for their reliability.

Some believe that opting for agencies with an established reputation is a better choice as their goodwill speaks for them. The agency is bound to employ the best of the translators after stringent examination and certifications like ISO and EN further back their claims.